Sean Borman

Welcome to my professional home page. For information on my personal interests and non-work related projects see my personal page.

I am a graduate student in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, Indiana. My research focus is in image and video processing, specifically super-resolution image and video enhancement. I am a member of the Laboratory for Image and Signal Analysis (LISA) with Bob Stevenson as my advisor.

In addition, I collaborate with the Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LSC) on the development of visual programming environments for general purpose video processing. The Video Enhancement Workshop (ViEW) is an experimental visual programming environment which enables rapid prototyping of video and image processing operations in a user friendly block diagram fashion. Unlike systems like Khoros, ViEW is specifically designed for high performance processing of unlimited duration video data. ViEW is capable of both interactive, GUI-based development as well as efficient batch mode productions runs.

A list of my research publications, including downloadable PostscriptTM and AcrobatTM format papers, reports and presentation slides is available.

For programmers, I also have the useful STL documentation online. This is a copy of the document made available by SGI.

If you use John Bradley's XV program, I wrote a quick patch to enable scrolling by wheel mouse.

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