From Mon Dec 11 17:19:51 1995
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 95 17:06:49 EST
From: (David J. Porter)

These are the sources that I could come up with quickly. 

Probably the most concise source is Optical Radiation Measurements Volume 1
 Radiometry, by Franc Grum and Richard J Becherer, Academic Press, 1979, ISBN 
 0-12-304901-6 (v. 1).  While the whole book is great, chapter 5 is what you 
 are looking for.  Volume 2 covers Color and would be a good adjunct to this.

Another great source that has more history in it is Color Science: concepts 
 and methods, quantitive data a formulas by Gunter Wyszecki and W. S. Styles, 
 John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1967, Library of Congress Catalog Number:  66-26763. 
 There is a second edition of this book that is more up-to-date, but then you 
 miss some of the history.  This book also has a wealth of tables and data for
 almost everything having to do with color.  The newest edition has all the 
 197x additions to color data including the CIE 1976 color difference 
 equations.  This book also contains a wonderful treatise on filters and how 
 to design them.  If you had to have only one book, this is it.

The Science of Color by the Committee on Colorimetry Optical Society of 
 America, Thomas Y Crowell Company, 1953 Library of Congress Catalog Number: 

Robertson, A. R. (1968)J. Opt. Soc. Am. v. 58, p.1528  This is the reference 
 for the Fortran program for correlated color temperature.  I believe the 
 listing is not provided, but the background for it is.  Radiometry by Grum 
 and Becherer has a listing of a Fortran program for this.

Principles of Color Photography by Evans, Hanson, and Brewer, John Wiley & 
 Sons, 1953, Library of Congress Catolog Card Number:  53-6722.  Great for how
 you get all those colors from only three dyes.

ASTM Standards on Color and Appearance Measurement. Available from ASTM, 1916 
 Race St., Philadelphia, PA 19103.  First edition was 1984, there is at least 
 one more recent edition, possibly two.

Internaltional Commission on Lighting (CIE)

Poynton's Colour Page

Index to the COLORING Web Pages

I am still missing the reference to the closed form color temperature article in Color Research and Application.  I'll get it to you when I find it.