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Photographic Sensitometry, Hollis N. Todd and Richard D. Zakia, 1969, Morgan and Morgan. There is probably a later edition.


Look for the Slik Grand Master Sport Black. It is the best tripod in this range. The Manfrotto is okay, but will not be as efficient or enjoyable as the Slik in the long run. Only availible in Europe and Canada, not USA. Too bad as it is similar in specs to the Gitzo Mountaineer, but far better.

Films - Colour Negative

  1. Fuji Reala for extremely realistic nature shots (100 ISO)
  2. Kodak Royal Gold for bold, bright colours (25 - 1000 ISO; higher speed = higher grain)
  3. Fuji 800 for high speed with minimal grain
  4. Fuji 1600 for ultra-high speed
  5. Kodak Max for wide latitude
  6. AGFA Portrait for portraits (160 ISO)
  7. AGFA Pro 100 for saturated earthy tones (woodland shots, etc.)

P67 succession

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Sean Borman wrote:

> Since I am interested in acquiring a P67 system, I was wondering
> if anyone had any idea as to whether the P67 was going to come
> out in an AF version like the 645 was updated to 645N?

Unlikely. But that's only my personal impression. There are a lot of 
rumors available about the 67, ranging from an updated version with 
more elegant TTL-prism finder with aperture priority and flash 
metering to the possibility of discontinuation without any 
replacement. The only thing I would take for sure is that something 
will happen in the next two years, since the production efforts for 
the current body construction are becomming uneconomical (it's a 
nearly 30 year old design), and something has to be done to solve 
this problem (same as LX and K-1000). For my feeling, neither a 67 
nor a (P)Z-1P successor are on the priority list of Pentax for the 
next months, but in the long run...


LED Safelights

Fascinating posting, but, there is an easier way. For $57.70 US, you can buy a pack of two LED lamps that not only operate on 120VAC, they fit directly into a variety of standard sockets. These are available from Grainger (page 1180, or so) and are UL listed, CSA certified, and meets all applicable NEC, OSHA, and NFPA life safety codes. They are red, 1W each (2 per pack), est 20+ years of life, and these are the Sunlites model codes:

RKRC candelabra
RKRD bayonet
RKRI intermediate
Another option is a small cluster of seven red LED's that are mounted onto a single bayonet base. This item fits small holders that are used on instrument panels and such, so, the light output is somewhat directional. This is a 120VAC device (really, I measured it to be sure) and the number is B3127CR6-120VAC/10. (the price is $7.63 US_if_you are buying in massive quantities like the US govt.)

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