Comments on Photo Stores

This page consists of comments that I have seen concerning various photo stores. There are many discussions of this sort in the* hierarchy. I have collected some here. Draw your own conclusions. None of these opinions are my own, unless they actually written by me. Comments and experiences are always welcome.

B & H

Sales staff are sometimes really rude (but Mr Posner assures
me that they are working on this.  Honest and reliable.
Amongst the best prices you will find from a reputable

Beach Camera

From: (Sonny Sachdeva)
Subject: Do NOT use Beach Camera
Date: 2 Jan 1996 22:06:39 GMT
Organization: Swiss Bank Corporation, High Timber St, London, UK

The following is a synopsis of a true experience I had.  The flame makes me  
feel better (somewhat) and I figured everyone who may use this company should  
know about this.

I ordered a camera from Beach Camera in September.  They advertised the  
cheapest price on a Nikon N50 Deluxe package, and when I went to place the  
order, I found that the battery wasn't included.  This would put their price on  
par with other mail order companies and it should have been a warning to me,  
but I was going on vacation in a few days and wanted to get my hands on the  
camera to practice for a few days.  I opted for express 2 day delivery (another  
$35, I think) and was all set.

When I didn't receive the camera on the second day, I called Beach Camera to  
find out why.  They hadn't even shipped it, but acknowledged that they had  
screwed up and that my camera would be on its way Next Day air pronto.  I took  
the UPS shipper number down and figured all I could do was sit and wait.  I  
didn't receive the camera the next day, and when I called up UPS to find out  
what had happened to the high-priority overnight package, I found that they had  
no record of it.  This is disconcerting because UPS scans a package three times  
- once when picked up, once when it reaches its destination city, and once when  
it is delivered.  I called Beach Camera and they assured me that the error was  
UPS's fault.  I let them know that if I did receive the camera, I would be  
returning it unopened and that I wanted them to credit the account and they  
agreed.  I then ordered the Camera from Camera World in Oregon, got the best  
price, great service, and they helped me out of a jam by delivering the package  
on the weekend (I was leaving the next day).

When I got back from vacation, I found the camera waiting for me on my desk -  
it turns out that Beach Camera had shipped the priority package by regular UPS  
ground.  I returned the package unopened as promised and indicated to my credit  
card company that I wished to protest the charge.  Beach Camera stated that the  
charge is valid.

What a bunch of lying scumbags.  I can't believe what assholes they are being  
about this.  I'm posting this as a public service to fellow photographers who  
may be lured into Beach's web of deceit.  I encourage you to warn anyone of  
their unethical practices.  The BBB will definitely be getting a call about