Path:!!!!!!!!!not-for-mail From: (JBlance696) Newsgroups: Subject: Re: tech pan in btzs tubes Date: 27 Mar 1998 04:27:02 GMT Lines: 72 Message-ID: <> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Admin: Organization: AOL References: <6fe51q$> In article <>, Michael Mathews writes: On Thu, Mar 26, 1998 (Joel Alpers) wrote: >|> hi folks, >|> i was wondering if anyone processes tech pan sheet film in btzs tubes >|> and if so developer ,time, temp combos you use. i have looked at the >|> kodak web site but could not find any data on processing tech pan in >|> roterary processors. >|> thankes in advance >|> michael > >Michael: > >I'm no expert, so I was waiting for others to reply, but I haven't >seen any, so... > >I tried several sheets using Rodinal 1+100, 6 min @ 68f, and my >results were at least "in the ballpark"; as I recall just a little >contrasty. Very sharp!! > >I had one problem which caused me to postpone trying this out any >more for the time being -- I was getting what looked like emulsion >damage on the --back-- of the sheets. This was apparently being >caused when I removed the wet sheets from the tubes. My theory >for now is that this is a "retouching" layer Kodak puts on the >back of the TP sheets - softening while developing, and being >scraped off in spots when I took the sheets out of the tube. I >haven't had this problem with other films in BTZS tubes. > >FWIW I'm using homemade BTZS tubes, but I was careful to smooth >the edges. Perhaps official BTZS tubes will work better. > >I recently bought a 8x10 / 4x5 print drum to try 4x5 film sheet >developing with a motor base; I plan to revisit 4x5 TP using >that to see if it works better... > >Joel. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- 4x5 Tech Pan in BTZS tubes Technidol-standard dilution to maker 8 oz. 1.5 oz per sheet/tube 70 degrees-continuous agitation Ilford Galerie #2 cold light Bromophen 1+3 ES= 1.32 (figured using ANSI standard) N-1 4' ei 16 N 5'50" ei 25 N+1 11'15" ei 32 ---->YMMV and all other standard disclaimers<---- *note- this paper/developer combo is intentionally very soft (about same as a grade 1) to get the normal developing time up to a safer level. The same paper in Dektol 1+2 drops the Normal dev. time down to 4'15', a bit too short IMO Ciao for now- Jon